3D Scan and Print Services

The EinScan-SP is the high accuracy variant of the new desktop 3D scanners from EinScan.
With scanning accuracy of 50 microns, resolution down to 170 microns and a scan speed of 4s for an individual scan the SP is a powerful device for capturing objects on the desktop.
It uses structured light technology with the cameras and projector integrated into one housing. The turntable has built in markers for improved calibration and removal of the table in the final object.
A full 3D scan is complete in under 1 minute while individual scans can be completed within 4s, making it easy to quickly recreate objects for 3D printing.

Key Features :

  • Fast Scans: Complete individual scans in 8 seconds and full 360 scans in 2 minutes
  • Capture Fine Detail Beautifully: Use structured light scanning technology to capture intricate details and textures
  • Easy to share: One Click Upload for Online File Saving and Data Sharing
  • Automated Software: Easily calibrate, scan, mesh and make watertight
  • Ease of Use: Auto alignment and fusion for direct mesh generation
  • Safe: Visible white light, no laser, eyes secure for children

3D Scanner

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